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World Championship Bison Cookoff – 2023

Prize Winning Cookers

5th Place Chicken – Floyd Jackson
4th Place Chicken – Tommy Smith
3rd Place Chicken – Larry Zimmerman
2nd Place Chicken – Greg Phillips
1st Place Chicken – Kevin Morris

5th Place Ribs – John Truesdell
4th Place Ribs – Larry Allen
3rd Place Ribs – Floyd Jackson
2nd Place Ribs – Ronnie Daniels
1st Place Ribs – Tommy Smith

5th Place Brisket – Larry Zimmerman
4th Place Brisket – James York
3rd Place Brisket – James Dodson
2nd Place Brisket – Sheri Land
1st Place Brisket – Aaron Lesley

5th Place Bison – Tommy Smith
4th Place Bison – Larry Allen
3rd Place Bison – James York
2nd Place Bison – Kevin Morris
1st Place Bison – Aaron Lesley

Reserve Champion – Aaron Lesley
Grand Champion – Tommy Smith

1st Place Coleman County Brisket – Boone Cook