The Santa Anna Chamber of Commerce Vision is to create an environment that encourages economic growth and enrichment of our community by coordinating efforts of our members. We aim to maintain our rich historic heritage with our growth.

What is it that is so special about living in a small town? Well, it’s walking into a business or a bank and they know you by your first name. It’s the community in various roles who turn to give thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors each year. It’s a Main Street that closes down so the Homecoming parade has safe passage for all to enjoy and for a moment where the world seems to stop in the name of community. It’s the colored lights that go up on the Main Street trees and businesses to decorate the Holiday Season. It’s our community turn out in droves in support of our future, our school. From this, we build and we focus on developing relationships to keep all this going as long as we can.

We look forward in sharing this part of our Texas. Come, shop, relax, dine…enjoy!